Management Training

Management TrainingWe believe that your site belongs to you and offer you the training needed to make this a reality. As a part of our site design service, we offer administrative training for you and those responsible for maintaining your website. Of couse we can administer your site for you, but this may be an expense that you would like to eleminate.

Most of our clients are happily surprised at how easy it is to manage their site. Adding articles is usually no more difficult than using a word processor and the tools used are very similar. We include with our training, documentation and tips for quickly performing common tasks like adding articles, changing passwords, adding pictures and setting up forms.

We offer tools in our Clients Section such as resource links, FAQs, a dictionary of common terms, how-tos and tips and tricks for our clients to browse through at their leisure. You can rest assured that help is not far away. Simply send us a support ticket and we will respond often within minutes but never longer that one business day.

Our training services are not limited just to those for whom we design and build sites. If you already have a site or would like to learn how to build your own site, we can offer training for you too.