Website Design

The Site Artisan has a broad range of experience designing and developing websites for many different goals and types of clients. While we specialize in interactive community driven sites, we have experience delivering quality sites for Businesses, Government, Education, Non-Profit and Personal interest.

In keeping with our belief that Your Site Belongs to you, we don't hold your site hostage by developing it in a proprietary system that only works with us. We use publicly available Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla, Wordpress, and others to ensure that you maintain control of your site, your content, and your message.

If you are already working with a public relations firm, a branding advisor, or graphic designer, The Site Artisan will work with whomever you need to ensure that your site is built the way you want.

Website Redesign

We aren't limited to just building new sites. If you have an existing site that needs upgrading, The Site Artisan can transform your site into a modern easy to manage website. If you have been managing your site with cumbersome tools or have been paying a design firm to manage your site, then you should see what we can do for your site and your bottom line.

By converting your site to a rich Content Management System, you can easily eliminate costly development tools and providers that charge you to manage your site on their time-frames. Most all of the tools used to manage these sites are built in to your website. There are even tools for image editing (simple) and file uploading.  Depending on the CMS platform you use, there are many additional extensions available - usually for free - that extend the functionality of your site.

Benefits of a Content Management System:

  • Low cost of ownership
    We use freely available Open Source CMS systems as the foundation of your website. We only charge for designing and converting your specific site - NOT the software used to build it*
  • No coding knowledge required
    The systems we use have built in article editors that have the look and feel of a word processing application.
  • Central Management of the Style of the Site
    CMS systems use template files to manage to overall look of your site. If you want to change the way a link looks, change it in one place and it changes everywhere instantly.
  • Central Management of Users
    CMS systems make managing users on your site very easy.
  • Central Management of Articles
    Do you need a new page set up on your site? Don't hire a designer to make simple updates to your site, adding an article is only a few clicks away.
  • You're not limited to the features of a proprietary system.
    If you need to add features and tools to your site, you can. CMS sites are extensible by adding "extensions" and there are thousands available. If you need an extension that no one has built yet, no problem, since these CMS systems are open, there are thousands of developers (including The Site Artisan) who can help make your ideas reality.

In addition to converting a static or non CMS site, we can also convert your site to a different CMS version if you like!


Please Contact Us and let us bid on your site design or redesign!


*While the CMS systems we use do not require a fee, some of the extensions available for them may require a commercial license to use. If you wish, we can also build your site on a commercial platform.