Powderworks Template Design: Modified Commercial - built to requested specifications.
Type: Active Client (Site under construction) - Community/Self-directed Micro Communities
Address: http://powderworks.net
Management: Staff and Community Managed
Hosting: The Site Artisan Hosting
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Powderworks.net has been a tech and personal community. Currently, the site is under a full reconstruction and will be relaunched as a self service micro community site geared to technology enthusiests. Previous site contained 3 sections:

  • Tech News and Blog - Collection of RSS feeds from over 40 different news sources updated hourly as well as how-to articles devoted to PC use, web design, robotics, and other technology themes.
  • Family News - This restricted area of the site was a personal blog for owner's family and friends.
  • Arcade - extensive collection of online flash games with competitive member score keeping, game of the week, and game tagging.

The new site will have the same but more robust toolset with the ability for self directed communities to be developed. Each community will have communication tools, their own project management system for collaboration and the ability to either advertise and recruit from other groups on the site or make their group private.

Features (hover mouse pointer over image for details):

Standard Features:

unlimited pages Familiar Editor Member Accounts Private and Public Content Site Statistics / Analytics

Specialty Features:

Social Tools Groups Open Chat Project Manager Forms Manager Multiple 3rd party content areas Member Galleries Forums Events Calendar Arcade Live Chat Custom Template